7 grams Espresso is more than a coffee ...is an Experience!

7 grams Espresso is more than a coffee ...is an Experience!

We are a team of friends, a team of Micro Roasters, with one common goal - to let you decide what good Coffee is!

Everything we do is in micro terms...

Our coffees, only Arabica, come from seven origins, seven farms around the world, from North and Central America, to Africa, and Asia. We discuss with the farmers and care about their sustainability. We want them to live a better life, and treat coffee with love. We are interested on how our arabica trees are cultivated and we record weather conditions. Together, we collect the crops and decide on the most suitable process. Cupping on the field and screening our coffees for scores higher than 80% is our rule.

We then, carefully pack the beans and under inspected conditions we transport them to our storage house.

Micro Roasting is an Art, we roast separately, every arabica origin differently, using our experience and the edge of technology.

After certain time, we blend our coffee and pack our beans, using advanced equipment (one way valves, etc.). And, we deliver our coffee using certain time curves. Our processes are certified with ISO 22000 from TUV Austria.

Statement, we are crystal clear, you have access on everything! You may use our 7 grams application for detailed information on our seven single origin coffees: country, region, farm, variety, altitude, process, spider diagram, and cup profile.

And, we have just started! We then work together, with a common goal, and offer you our knowledge openly. Together, we decide on our equipment, the grinder suitable for your work load keeping grinding size stable, and the espresso machine extracting the best flavor and body. Further, we may consult you on the most efficient way to set up your bar. You don’t have to worry about anything, our expert technical team takes care of our equipment. Barista training is the most important element in our process. We are here for you! We want you to elevate our coffee and produce the best cups possible. Reaching our common goal - customers repeatedly preferring our coffee, and that is what we call success! All that certified with ISO 9001.

We are micro in everything! We respect, care, protect the environment, being certified with ISO 14001 from Tuv Austria, and we only use ecofriendly, recycled materials. We don’t use plastic! We hope, one day, we will reuse our packaging material with your help.

Our espresso and cappuccino cups, our take away paper cups (4, 8, 12oz), our wooden signs, and our barista aprons, are unique, handmade, in small batches, based on your style and needs. We don’t just advertise coffee, we promote the Experience!

And, we will not stop here! We guarantee you that we will decisively invest in Research and Development to stay on the Edge of Technology both with our coffees and with the equipment we use.

After all, we want to Shape the Future of Coffee...

Panagiotis Haskos